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The Gigi G-spot Vibrator

I’ll try not to blurt out that this is one of the better vibrators I’ve used recently right away – oops! Too late. The Gigi vibrator by LELO is designed to stimulate the G-spot, with help from a gorgeous curved shaft, and a uniquely shaped stimulator tip.

When you look at the smooth, curvaceous form made of silicone and plastic, you have to wonder why most vibrators have always been so ugly. Even the best recent high-end, full-featured deluxe vibrators lack 1/2 the style.

So, it’s got style – great – what about substance? Well that’s where the Gigi vibrator really shines, it’s built to please, and please it can. The G-spot tip is at the end of about 4.5 inches of insertable vibrator, just right for getting to the G-spot and beyond for most women. The ergonomic shape of the stimulator is much more pleasing than the typical blunted hook shape. It snugs right into the soft tissues of the G-spot area for a great feeling when you move the vibrator around. The base is smooth plastic, while the business end is smooth silicone, in pink or deep rose colors.

The Evolution of the Bullet Vibrator

The vibrations themselves are nearly silent with this vibrator, which is excellent for so many scenarios where you want to be discreet, and nobody really finds a loud buzz that sexy anyway.

The vibrator is capable of 5 different pleasing patterns of stimulation, with an easy to use, excellently designed control pad that feels wonderful compared to the junk most vibes come with. The Gigi has it’s own built in rechargeable battery and comes with a charger, which will give you about 1.5 hours of use from a 1 hour charge.

The shaft is about 6.5 inches long, and about 1.35 inches wide, 4.5 inches are insertable. For example, you could pick yourself up the mini bullet –

Swedish sex toy manufacturer LELO offers a 1-year manufacturers warranty on the Gigi (which is super), and includes a satin storage bag for your vibrator.

I love it! Just make me one in black please 🙂

Quality: Excellent build quality and design, the Gigi feels great in the hand, and other places.

Features: Phthalate free silicone, rechargeable, ergonomic, sexy design, 1-year warranty, storage bag.

Overall: A highly recommended vibrator for any woman looking to invest in a well made sex toy that does it’s job well, with fantastic design.

Sex Lubes And Choosing The Right Lubricant For The Job

There are many benefits using lubricants and when used correctly, there is absolutely no down side to it. Lubricants and potions not only increase your sensitivity during lovemaking and erotic play, but they are essential with sex toys and also adds a boost to safe sex.


Condoms are already lubricated from the factory and some contain Nonoxynol 9, a spermicide which kills any leaked sperm. However, the main reason condoms break is still due to lack of lubrication. A broken condom in non-monogamous sex adds risk of HIV infections. Studies have also indicated that certain lubricants destroy the HIV virus, thus lowering the risk of infections. Lubricants and spermicides are not effective when used by themselves, but they are used for increased effectiveness with condoms. Due to the importance of this, let me repeat it again that condoms should always be used as protection against pregnancy or infections. Lubricants and spremicides are used for increased effectiveness and should not be used on its own. Also note that not all lubricants kills HIV or sperm and studies are still ongoing to the effectiveness of lubricants to destroy the HIV virus.

To easily differentiate whether a product contains Nonoxynol-9, the guideline is to check whether it is spermicidal or not. Spermicidal products generally contain Nonoxynol-9. Read the facts about Nonoxynol-9 and the implications to HIV infection.

Lubrication is essential for use with sex toys or during anal play. Differing from the vagina, the anus does not produce any natural lubrication. Care must also be exercised with vibrators to prevent any unwanted burns or sores. Sometimes you may not notice the sores during use but notice them only afterwards. Ever had sunburn before? Then you know the burning sensation comes in only later on. Always lube up when using sex toys. There’s no such thing as too much lube. The more the better and lubricants are generally inexpensive.

Types of Sex Lubes

Lubricants or massage potions come in three main varieties. Water based, silicone based and petroleum based. They vary in viscosity, lasting power and some are edible and flavored.

Water Based

Water based lubricants are the thinnest and very much like the natural vaginal fluids. They are the safest to use for all applications, with sex toys, condoms or just for lubrication. Many varieties are flavored and edible. Viscosity varies but they may not be heavy duty enough for anal play. Water based lubes are KY Jelly, AstroGlide, Clinigel. Get your free sample of AstroGlide here.

Silicone Based

Condoms are factory lubricated with silicone based lubes. Silicone lubes are waterproof, lasts longer and very slippery. It is safe to use with latex or rubber and is the ideal lube for anal sex or whenever lasting power is desired. Avoid use with silicone based toys as they can dissolve the silicone in your toy. Otherwise slip a condom over your toy. Silicone is waterproof, so they don’t wash out as easy. Soap and water is required to clean it up. Wet Platinum is an example of a silicone lube. For anal sex, Anal Eze is a desensitizing lube which makes it easier for anal penetration.

Petroleum Based

Petroleum based lubricants are more like massage oils for external use only. These include baby oil, Vaseline and other lotions used on the skin. These are not meant for internal use and can cause infections if left inside the body, so don’t use them as lubricants for sex toys. Petroleum based also breaks down latex, so avoid contact with latex condoms or any latex sex toys. These are best used for sensuous body massage only.

Check out our other article on vibrators that can go with these lubes.

Sex Toys For Men And Choosing The Right One For You

Until quite recently, sex toys have been focused on women. It is not surprising however that men too wanted exactly the same things that women have enjoyed from these pleasureable toys. Sex toys for men can increase sexual mastery or for added sexual satisfaction. Toys for men can be used solo, during partner sex or for some men-to-men action.

Types of Toys for Men

Cock Rings

Cock rings are worn around the base of the penis shaft and sometimes encircle the testicles as well. They work by limiting blood flow out from the penis during an erection and thus creating a longer, harder, erection. Many men also find the sensations of tightness and tension around the base of the penis pleasurable and delivers more intense orgasms. Some variants are attached with vibrating or non-vibrating ticklers to stimulate the testicles or clitoris during lovemaking.

Cock rings made of solid steel are worn and removed when the penis is flaccid. Others have an elastic or snap on strap for easy removal. To prevent injury to the sensitive penis tissues, avoid using too tight cock rings or for any period more than 20 minutes at a time.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are cylindrical shaped and slipped over the penis shaft. A hand pump is used to create vacuum around the penis. Blood is drawn into the penis, thus enlarging it temporarily. Penis pumps have since been replaced with Viagra, but they are still used to create a blowjob sensation and are great for masturbating.

Cock & Ball Spreaders

Cock and ball spreader is essentially a cock ring with a testicle strap. The cock ring is worn over the penis shaft while the harness straps around the testicles to lift or separate it. It creates a pulling or tugging sensation around the testicles while the cock ring provides for prolonged erection. The ball spreaders are usually strapped on and some even comes with weights for a heavier pull. These are used for enhanced orgasms and are popular as bondage toys. A penis harness or sheath is used in place of a cock ring for bondage play. Ball spreaders are also referred to as ball stretchers.

Penis Extensions

Penis extensions are hollow sleeves placed over the penis to increase the length or girth of a penis. Used to increase pleasure for your partner, extenders increase the length by one to three inches while thickeners have a variety of bumpy patterns for creating different sensations. Thickeners leave the penis head exposed and gradually thickens towards the base. Choose from a variety of materials including cyberskin, latex, silicone or even vibrating options.

Love Dolls

Love dolls are inflatable lifelike dolls molded over actual porn stars. Choose from a variety of options including blow jobs, vagina-anus combo, realistic breasts and vibrating models. Quality varies, so it’s worth it to pay a bit more for quality. A popular love doll is the Alexa’s Vibrating Love Doll


There are several different types ranging from hollow sleeves to realistic mouths and vaginas. The sleeve type creates different sensations allowing you to vary the intensity. A popular sleeve masturbator is the pocket pal. The realistic mouth is a simple hollow tube shaped like a mouth designed to simulate a blowjob. They can be male or female replicas. Realistic vaginas are molded over actual real life porn star privates. These are made from cyberskin, latex, or rubber, realistically hand painted to simulate what it would be like to have sex with a porn star. Some models come with vagina-anus and vibrator combo.